Military Raped Tamils Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajabakse


Defense Minister and brother of the President Mahinda Rajapakshe, Sri Lanka declared ,

“”I will be surprised if my military did not rape Tamil women.”

This he  said in his statement in an interview.

Sri Lanka’s Defence Secretary, Gotabaya Rajapaksaaccused the British Tamil aid worker, Damilvany Kumar of fabricating the story in an interview with Headlines Today:

Now, she [Damilvany Kumar] says that there had been all these alleged rape and murder and all these things. Now she is one person who will get attracted by soldiers, because she is so different from others.

I want to know whether she was raped. She was there for one year. She came with the IDPs, and she was in the IDP camps.”

The permanent secretary to the Ministry of Disaster Management and Human Rights,Rajiva Wijesinhastating that allegations of rape by the…

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