India’s Real History-

And the Numerous Attempts to Destroy its Vedic Culture

During the last years, many people in India and outside India have become aware of the need to establish the truth about the real history of India. Historical and archeological research has progressed greatly, and the debate in academic circles has become extremely interesting. Some books have been published, and websites are being developed. Due to the limited scope and size of this publication, we cannot include a complete history of India, but for the completeness of our discussion, we want to present some information found missing in the biased history that is taught in schools at present.

It is said that history is written by those who win the wars and hold the power. The other party is given no chance to leave their version of the story, because that would undermine the position of the…

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Infinity discovered by Ancient Indians



“Asmin vikara khahare na raasaavapi praveshteshvapi ni: srutheshu bahushvapi syaallaya srushtikaalenanthe chyuthe bhoothaganeshu yaddhath” ||

Nothing happens to the (huge number) infinity, when any number enters (added) or leaves (subtrcated) the infinity. During pralaya many things get dissolved in Mahavishnu and after pralaya, during srushti all those things get out of him. This happens without affecting the lord himself. Like that, whatever number is added to infinity or whatever is subtracted from it, the infinity remains unchanged.



Brahmagupta was Bhaskara’s role model and inspirer. To Brahmagupta he pays homage at the beginning of his Siddhanta-siromani and most of his astronomical elements are taken from the Brahmasphuta siddhanta or the Rajamrganka belonging to the same school. Bhaskara improved upon him not through any great original contribution but by the thoroughness with which he…

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Hanuman travelled to Patala Loka (South America) through a Tunnel worshipped in south America


panchmukhi hanuman patala loka brazil

During battle between Rama and Ravana, Mahiravana, the step-brother of Ravana kidnaps Rama and Lakshmana and takes them to Patala Loka through a tunnel.
Patala Loka is described to be exactly below earth (then India) and one has to go 70000 yojanas deeper in earth to reach to reach there.
Mexico and Brazil are exactly below India and one has to dig a hole(tunnel) of that distance to travel vertically.

There are few such tunnels which are said to be leading to Patala Loka. The Patalkot valley in the Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh, India is one among them.
Ravana’s son Indrajit is killed by Lakshmana, Ravana calls his brother Ahiravana for help. Ahiravana, the king of Patala, promises to help.
Vibhishana somehow manages to hear about the plot and warns Rama about it. Hanuman is put on guard and told not to let anyone into the room where Rama…

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राजस्थान का खजुराहो जो है 900 सालो से वीरान !



किराडू राजस्थान के बाड़मेर जिले में  स्थित है। किराडू अपने मंदिरों कि शिल्प कला के लिया विख्यात है। इन मंदिरों का निर्माण 11  वि शताब्दी में हुआ था।  किराडू को राजस्थान का खजुराहों भी कहा जाता है। लेकिन किराडू को खजुराहो जैसी ख्याति नहीं मिल पाई क्योकि यह जगह पिछले 900 सालों से वीरान है और आज भी यहाँ पर दिन में कुछ चहल – पहल रहती है पर शाम होते ही यह जगह वीरान हो जाती है , सूर्यास्त के बाद यहाँ पर कोई भी नहीं रुकता है। राजस्थान के इतिहासकारों के अनुसार किराडू शहर अपने समय में सुख सुविधाओं से युक्त एक विकसित प्रदेश था।  दूसरे प्रदेशों के लोग यहाँ पर व्यपार करने आते थे। लेकिन 12  वि शताब्दी में, जब किराडू पर परमार वंश का राज था , यह शहर वीरान हो जाता है।  आखिर ऐसा क्यों होता है, इसकी कोई पुख्ता जानकारी तो इतिहास में उपलब्ध नहीं है पर इस को लेकर…

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Upanishads and Quantum Physics

The Upanishads and Quantum Physics both talk about reality. Scriptures (sastras) tell us that the abstract Brahman (Para-Brahman) is creator and the physical universe is creation, existing in an intertwined, inseparable manner. Brahman is omnipresent. It is uncanny that the same Quantum Physics that runs our cell phone, computer and internet is currently revealing to […]

Stages of Creation of Material Universe ~ Structure of the Universe

INTRO “There is a systematic schedule for the perpetual manifestation, maintenance and annihilation of the material world, as stated in Bhagavad-gītā (9.8): bhūta-grāmam imaṁ kṛtsnam avaśaṁ prakṛter vaśāt. As it is created now and as it will be destroyed later on, so also it existed in the past and again will be created, maintained and destroyed in due […]





कंबोडिया :
आज के पृथ्वी के मानचित्र में कंबोडिया नाम का कोई देश नहीं है। कंबोडिया का क्षेत्र घट कर वर्तमान कम्पूचिया तक सीमित रह गया है। पहले इसका क्षेत्र चीन के दक्षिण भाग तक फैला हुआ था। समुद्र से लगे हुए इस भूप्रदेश पर २००० वर्ष पूर्व बीहड़ वन था। वहाँ कि नागा जाती के शांत जीवन में एक दिन एक असाधारण घटना घटी। एक प्रचंड नौका में अनेक अपरिचित सशस्त्र लोग उनके तट पर आ लगे। समाचार मिलते ही रानी सोम प्रतिकार के लिए तैयार हो गयी, परन्तु शीघ्र ही उसे पता चला कि आये हुए अजनबी लोग लड़ने, लूटने, या उनको दस बनाने के लिए नहीं आये हैं।

नौका का नायक था भारत का शैलराज कौण्डिन्य। आगे चलकर इन भारतीयों के स्थानीय जनता के साथ मित्रता के सम्बन्ध स्थापित हुए। कौण्डिन्य का सोम के साथ विवाह हुआ। इस प्राचीन इतिहास के दो साक्षी हैं। एक है…

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