Shiv Linga, Penis Phallus Of Shiva ,Rubbish


Now It has become an accepted fact among the people, especially the pseudo scientific interpreters of Hinduism and The Vedas that the Shiva Linga is the representation of Lord Shiva’s , Phallus,Penis.

I have been hearing this ad nausea and I have decided to post an article when recently I found an Archaka (Temple Priest) of a Shiva said this to this effect


Linga in Sanskrit means , Mark’ ‘Sign’  ”to indicate’

In Sanskrit Grammar we have Lingas relating to gender Identification of words.

Linga- Masculine Gender.

Many books written by Hindus also state that the Shiv Linga is Shiva’s Phallus.

One website that Lord Shiva threw His Penis to become a Nari or Women to satisfy women!

It states blatantly asserts Shiva in Sanskrit means Penis!( this is not by a Foreigner)

“. Siva Linga has been worshipped in Hinduism since ages for physical desires specially for…

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Shiva Lingam Spewed First DNA On Earth


In August 2011,A Meteorite  Shower took place in Alaska, USA.

NASA, on analyzing it, found that there were DNAs inside it.

From the Indian Sacred texts, it s gleaned that ancient Hindus knew Genetic Engineering, Cloning.

The Shiva Linga initially must have been a Meteorite.

And as it came down it came to earth with DNAs spewing out of it.

I am producing excerpt from a research paper below.

Shiva Lingam .Image.jpg. Shiva Lingam .

Animation of the structure of a section of DNA... Animation of the structure of a section of DNA. The bases lie horizontally between the two spiraling strands. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Consider the points of similarity between D.N.A. and Shiva.

It is well known that Shiva is Ugra and his name also is Ugra. Ugra means an acid. D.N.A. is also an acid. Vedanta calls that Hiranyagarbha as Sutratma.

Sutratma means an Atma in the form of Sutra i.e. a thread or filament.

The modern science admits that…

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Hinduism 14 Lokas Quantum Mutiverse Study


Fourteen Lokas or the Planes of Existence are described in Hinduim.


There are two interpretations of the Lokas.

One is that these are The Stages of mental development in a Spiritual Journey.

Another is that these are Planes of Existence at other  levels, complying with Laws that are unique to them, Including the Laws of Physics.

The Cyclic Universe an Artist's Conception. jpg. Artist concept of the cyclic universe.

They exist as our earth exists in Time and Space, where the Space Time concepts are different from ours.

It may be noted that the day of the Devas is equivalent to 100 Earth Years.

level I Multiverse, in the Universe, there are... level I Multiverse, in the Universe, there are many observable areas(The observable areas are marked as red circled with a red cross on ther…

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Hinduism Seven Higher Lokas Existence Explained


Hinduism describes fourteen Lokas or places  where there is Existence.

I have not used the term Human.

The descriptions are of beings;  in terms of Color, Shape, their behaviors, they  are different.

One view is that they are descriptions indicating Spiritual Development.

For example, Chandra Loka denotes mental acumen and development of Buddhi unhindered by Mans, the Mind.

Chandra indicates the Mind.

Suyra, Sun represents knowledge.

Budha , Mercury Wisdom.

Bruhaspati, Jupiter, Discerning ability.

Angaaraka, Volatile temper,

Sukra , venus, material enjoyment,

Sani, Saturn, mental toughness,

Raahhu, a shadow planet, represents,aggressive behavior, to be tempered by Wisdom by Kethu another Shadow planet by Philosophical Disposition.

Kethu, Philosophical Disposition.

However there is another view, which states that these are places inhabited by Beings.

I subscribe to the view that these Planets do not indicate dwelling Places, but only  mental stages as a careful study of the Vedas reveal .

The Veda…

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Hindus Lived 74000 Years Ago Survey Finds


People have been talking of the Rig Veda as 5000 years old.

This is outdated.

I have posted an article that Hinduism has been dated 50,000 years back.

Now even this is way off the mark.

New evidence suggests that Hinduism existed in Indonesia 74,000 ago and it is safe to assume that Hinduism antedates this period.

Earlier to this finding a city older that Mohenjo-Daro has been found.

Mapping of Stone Artifacts,Stool age tools.Imge.jpg Mapping of Stone Artifacts,Stool age tools.

Volcano India.jpg Volcano India.

About 76,000 years ago, the volcano Toba – located in what is now Indonesia – erupted to create the largest and most devastating volcanic event of the past 2 million years. Almost 3,000 cubic kilometers of magma was spewed out, while sulfuric acid rained over the earth as far away as Greenland. The world became subject to a volcanic winter, and what followed was one of the most severe ice ages…

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Australian Aborigines From India Genome-wide data


Hindu Puranas describe the evolution of the world in detail, in all the eighteen of them.

It is  a part of Grammar of Purana.

Purana means, very Old.

Australian Aborigine. jpegAustralian Aborigine.

All the Purans agree on this point;there is no difference in the description of the Evolution of the world, though there are minor differences in respect of some Legends.

The present world in which India is located is called the Jambu Dweepa and India was called Bharatha Varsha, in Bharatha Kanda.

There are seven more areas expressed.

These were called Milecha desa.

“The Australian continent holds some of the earliest archaeological evidence for the expansion of modern humans out of Africa, with initial occupation at least 40,000 y ago. It is commonly assumed that Australia remained largely isolated following initial colonization, but the genetic history of Australians has not been explored in detail to address this issue. Here…

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Saraswati Is Benzaiten Japanese God Of Eloquence


Yet another evidence that Sanatana Dharma existed throughout the world , later carried to various parts,modified to suit the local customs.

That those customs were also similar to those followed by Sanatana Dharma.

Goddess Saraswati.jpg Saraswati,Goddess of Learning in Hinduism

Benzaiten (, ) istheJapanesenameofthegoddessSaraswati; therewasanimportantriverinancientIndiaofthisname (seeVedicSaraswatiRiver). WorshipofBenzaitenarrivedinJapanduringthe6ththrough8thcenturies, mainlyviatheChinesetranslationsoftheSutraofGoldenLight“, whichhasasectiondevotedtoher. SheisalsomentionedintheLotusSutra.

HerSanskritnameisSarasvatîDevî“, whichmeansflowingwater“, andsoBenzaitenisthegoddessofeverythingthatflows:water, words (andknowledge, byextension), speech, eloquence, and

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Indra In Russia Lake Baikal Vaikhanasa Teertha


My research into Sanatana Dharma having spread through out the world has come to a sort of shape.

Studies on Vedas, Puranas ,Ithihasas and Tamil literature has given me a fair idea.

Cross checking this information with the  geographical information with the Legends and the Physical locations of the world provide some interesting information.

I have written auite a few articles on the evidence of Sanatana Dharma being present throughout the world, with the help of archeological findings, culture and linguistics.

Sanatana Dharma was in practice in Sri Lanka,Malaysia, Cambodia,Vietnam, Laos, Philippines,Japan,Fiji,China, New Zealand, Australia on the eastern side of the present India,

Middle East, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy,Spain,France, Britain,

African Continent,

South America, Central America,Mexico and North America(US).

This Sanatana Dharma had Dravida or South India conncetion.

This becomes evident when one reads Sanskrit Literature and Hindu religious texts in conjunction with Tamil literature and cross referencing the events found…

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Sthree Varsha Women Kingdom Rishi Varsha Russia Hindu Texts


Russia was known as Rishi Varsha an it surrounded the Bharata Varsha as described in the Puranas.

There have migrations from India, from the Sarasvati Valley Civilization,from the Dravida Kingdoms, and from the North again.

There is enough evidence in the present Russia right from the names of Rivers,Olga,Moksha from which Moscow is derived,Karaggana, Utkaraganga,

People living in the valley of the River Moksha spoke a language Moksha!

Place Arkaim, the name of Surya, Sun is Arka.

Arkaim is an important archeological site .

Many Hindu Ritual signs are found here.

One finds the designs of swastika here and this site is dated 4500BC!

Arkaim, Russia.bmp Arkaim, Russia.


But reasonable reactions notwithstanding, why have people who are looking for their roots in the direction of Vedic ancestry been more suspect than any other indigenous people curious about their heritage? After all, it would appear to be an uncommonly large area upon which…

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