Mayan books burned by Christians

Mayan books were burned and culture destroyed by Christians in 1700, same as Yazidi culture is destroyed by Islamist today.


You have read lot about Ancient Greece, The Egyptians, The Romans etc from Bible, historians but not about Mayan period because  books, knowledge were ,just like Muslim burned Hindu, Buddhist books in Nalanda, Takshshila ead terrorist religion which you still seen day, players changed as now Saudi and many Middle east Islamic nations pay for terrorism to spread. Why little is known about the pre-Columbus Maya peoples is because Christians , Spaniards finished their existence to spread Christianity. Mel Gibson’s 2006 film ‘Apocalypto’ doesn’t count as an accurate source of Mayan information.124-610x360

The Mayans formed the first pre-Columbus writing system in the Americas, which is thought by historians to date back to as far as the 3rd century BC. Historians believe the writing used 800 different glyphs which, as you can see, appears somewhat reminiscent of the Egyptian hieroglyphs, but it has no direct parallels. d0fa190f5f6729a7d7dc16784fc94c7a

Spanish  burned all  Mayan-related documents they could get their hands…

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How Peganism was destroyed by Christians


A city , modern city during Rome era, Alexandria, where all cultures were living together including Peganism until last Roman emperor made Christianity as state religion and here comes destruction of other cultures.


Pagans, Christians and Jews had coexisted in polytheistic peace in early Ptolemaic Alexandria, until, as often in history, religion raised its ugly head in the fourth century after Emperor Constantine in Rome decided to make Christianity the official one-and-only religion of the empire. After centuries of religious pluralism in Alexandria, “Christians” rose up against the pagan worshipers of Mithras and the Roman deity, Jupiter and the Egyptian deities of Osiris and Apis, killing, spreading mayhem and destroying their places of worship.

The pagans responded in kind until they were subdued. Then the Christians turned on the Jews, attacking private homes and shops in a kind of Kristallnacht and demanding their expulsion from the city.

Religion had again…

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Hinduism in Italy 


Hindu Vahanas in Italy and Greece
By Santanam Swaminathan
Hindu Vahanas (Mounts of Gods) are found in different parts of the world. We have already seen them in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Egypt, Turkey and other places. Since the Middle Eastern countries were under the Kassites, Hittites and Mitanni from 1800 BC, who followed Vedic Religions, we see the Vahanas of gods there in sculptures and inscriptions. I have given the proofs in my earlier articles. Now I furnish more details about how the European countries adapted Hindu Gods’ vahanas with new stories.
We have sculptures showing Hindu Vahanas in Rome (Italy) and various parts of Greece or in the countries where Romans and Greeks extended their rule. Most of these sculptures were from First few centuries before Christ.
Times News Paper published a story on 23the February 1994 (see the picture in the paper cutting which I have preserving…

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