Ancient India Maps With Kumari Kandam


While Scholars of the West and some Indians are prepared to accept Homer’s Iliad and Odysseus, the City of Troy, the same courtesy is not extended to Indian Sources,Puranas and Tamil Litrature.

Evidence pointing the existence of  Kumari Kandam , a Super continent  abounds in Tamil Literature .

Sanskrit texts allude to this.

The Sankalpa of Hindus say, Bharathak Kande’ not Kumarik Kande.

That there was a very rich culture in existence , south of Vindyas and that they had close relationship with Sanatana Dharma is evident.

Mahabharata quotes a list of  Tamil Kings who attended Draupadi’s Swayamvara.

The Tamil kings are named in the marriage ceremony of Lord Rama.

In Damayanti’s Swayamvara, the Tamil Kings are named.

Tamil literature , especially Silappathikaram, Manimekalai has copious references to Kumari Kandam.

Combining both Sanskrit and Tamil Histories together, research has been done and it  proves the existence…

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Woman Who Predicted 9/11 Has Bad News

Future prediction -IS NO GOOD for world.


Baba Vanga (Vangelia) Pandeva was born on January 31, 1911. She died on August 11, 1996 . She lived in the city of Petrich , Bulgaria .


She was buried in a churchyard of the Saint Petca Bulgarian Church in the Rupite region. Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova’s interest in politics was not incidental. She was born on the territory of modern Macedonia – the land which was an apple of discord for years between Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria and Serbia. Her native land experienced two World Wars in which the Bulgarians and the Serbs were struggling in different camps. She was always recognized as one of the great visionaries of the twentieth century due to the precision with which she anticipated in advance many of the great world events. She was known in the region as the “Nostradamus of the Balkans”.

Vanga lost her sight when she was 12. She was swept…

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Pakistan as state sponsored Terrorist country

Voice of world

This article was written by

C. Christine Fair Headshot

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Cosmos and ancient Indian scripture


In Hinduism, the philosophy of dharma is extensively described in hundreds of scriptures and in the writing of our Jagadgurus and great Saints.

“The Cosmic wisdom contained in Bhagvat Gita is so universal in nature that the efficacy of it can never be denied by any Human Being… be one a follower of Christian, Islamic, Buddhist, Jaina, Hindu or any other Faith. Albert Einstein in one of his memoirs expressed deep anguish of his inability to grasp in time the fundamental truths expressed in Bhagwad Gita Summary Live. By the time Albert Einstein came to understand the basics of Bhagvad Gita as a scientist of the highest order … time had ripened for him to leave the mortal frame (Normally scientists do not tend to believe in anything which does not support itself by proofs).

Bhagvad Gita talks not of proofs but of absolute Faith in the system of God……

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Multiverse Existence : In Indian Context


475b6-science-and-hinduism-2My dear Arjuna, O son of Prtha, behold now My opulences, hundreds of thousands of varied divine forms, multicolored like the sea.
– Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 11, Verse 5.

We see first that here is a thought entirely different from what you see anywhere else in the world. In the oldest parts of the Vedas the search was the same as in other books, the search was outside. In some of the old, old books, the question was raised, “What was in the beginning? When there was neither aught nor naught, when darkness was covering darkness, who created all this?” So the search began. And they began to talk about the angels, the Devas, and all sorts of things, and later on we find that they gave it up as hopeless. In their day the search was outside and they could find nothing; but in later days, as we read…

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Why do so many Indians demean India? – Minhaz Merchant

“The BJP behaves as if it is in office, but not in power. The more accommodative it tries to be with the Congress, TMC, JD(U) and the Left, the more aggressive the Opposition becomes. … The Congress is out of power but the ecosystem it has created over decades enables it to punch above its weight. […]

‘Awakened’ Hindus can lead world on real path of peace: RSS.

RSS inspired 5-Day conference VISHWA SANGH SHIBIR-2015 begins at Indore. ‘Awakened’ Hindus can lead world on path of peace: Suresh Bhaiyyaji Joshi. HENB | Indore | Dec 30, 2015: : Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh inspired 5-Day conference of Swayamsevaks from different foreign countries VISHWA SANGH SHIBIR-2015  was jointly inaugurated on Tuesday by Loksabha speaker Sumitra Mahajan […]

A virus linked to shrinking newborns’ brains is spreading rapidly beyond Brazil

Until 2014, Brazil had no more than 200 cases of microcephaly, a debilitating neurological disorder where newborns have an abnormally small brain. In 2015, the country recorded nearly 3,000 cases. Some of the worst affected areas have declared a state of emergency. Many born with microcephaly die young. Those who survive have life-long cognitive impairment. To understand the sudden […]

Pakistan would never change its policy of proxy war against India: Adityanath.

Satan could change but not Pakistan, they would never stop proxy war against us, says Yogi Adityanath. HENB | Gorakhpur | January 3, 2015:: Enraged by the Jihadi terror strike in Pathankot Air Base, the Firebrand Hindutva Leader and BJP MP from Gorakhpur Yogi Adityanath said here on Saturday  that Satan can change for better but not […]

Serious Communal clash at Kaliachak put minority Hindus in severe danger in TMC ruled WB.

Serious Communal clash continued at Kaliachak in Malda for six hours. Muslim mob attacked Police Station, Block Development Office and Public property. Several vehicles set ablaze. Cops injured, nobody arrested!  HENB | Malda | Jan 3, 2016:: In their own style of maintaining peace, a Jihadi mob torched the Kaliachak police station, attacked officers there, damaged the […]

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