Speed of Light and Puranic cosmology



Ancient Indian wisdom is a treasure trove of science. In fact, most of the claims made by ancient India (related to astrology, yoga, ayurveda) have been validated by Modern Science today. For example, this physics journal from USA in 1998 was astonished to find that ancient India knew the speed of light, down to the last digit of accuracy!!

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Ancient Indian wisdom is a treasure trove of science. In fact, most of the claims made by ancient India (related to astrology, yoga, ayurveda) have been validated by Modern Science today. For example, this physics journal from USA in 1998 was astonished to find that ancient India knew the speed of light, down to the last digit of accuracy!!

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Non-Violence In Sanatan Dharma


Non-Violence In Sanatan Dharma :

“Ahimsa Paramo Dharma” is a Sanskrit phrase that is often repeated today to demonstrate the universality of Ahimsa.

Loosely translated, Ahimsa means Non-violence, Paramo means topmost, ultimate, or supreme, and Dharma means duty. Thus, the entire phrase means that non-violence is the topmost duty to the extent that it supersedes all other duties.
For someone who holds this true, it means that there is no selective application of Ahimsa…it must be applied in every case and in all matters. This universal sense leads to an unconditional and unilateral abandonment of violent resistance, under any and all circumstances (as in the philosophy of Buddha and Jains).

But Sanatan Vedic Dharma does not impose total non-violence on its followers except in the case of ascetics. Ahimsa is a general Dharma that is superseded with Himsa (violence) in order to protect Dharma.
Ahimsa is only loosely…

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Why We Pray to Shiva Linga?

My Journey So Far....

Disclaimer: This article is based on my understanding made through reading various religious and spiritual books. Being a science student I have always looked for reasons behind everything, even when I know that some things can not be explained. Still, I have tried. Fool me. In no way my intentions are to hurt feelings or beliefs of anyone. In fact I am not strong enough to hurt your beliefs. So, try to read the below article with an open mind, otherwise you always have the choice of not reading it.

Why We Pray to Shiva Linga Shiva Linga

Every time we bring Lord Shiva to our thoughts, there are generally two images that come to our mind. One that has form of a male human God wearing animal skin, having a drum (dumroo) in the hand, Ganga flowing throw hairs and snakes curled around the blue colored neck. Another image is that of a Shiva Linga

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Sun temple of Multan


SuryaMitraTemples : Part 1

The Multan Sun temple of Mitra is mentioned by Greek Admiral Skylax, who visited the place during reign of Darius I (515 BC). Alexander also visited the temple of Multan and was wonder struck at the excellence of the hindu human art and science with which the Sun Mitra idol was built and suspended in the air by the pull of magnet. Multan is also spoken by the Chinese pilgrim Huen –Tsang, as flourishing city with the temple of sun, which he falls U-fa-Tsun (Aditya) the sun god made of gold and expensive stones. The Multan Surya Temple’s granduer is mentioned by these people in detailed. The temple idol which is now no more was hanging in air with the help of various magnets just like in Konark. There was a Kund in front of temple just like in all other Surya temple.

Multan was the…

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Christian-Missionary Raj in India through Sonia (Maino) Gandhi. The story of Indian Crusaders.

Struggle for Hindu Existence

Are we heading towards a Christian India?

By Francois Gautier (written on Monday, September 22, 2008)

I am a westerner and a born Christian. I was mainly brought up in catholic schools, my uncle, Father Guy Gautier, a gem of a man, was the parish head of the beautiful Saint Jean de Montmartre church in Paris ; my father, Jacques Gautier, a famous artist in France, and a truly good person if there ever was one, was a fervent catholic all his life, went to church nearly every day and lived by his Christian values. There are certain concepts in Christianity I am proud of : charity for others, the equality of system in many western countries, Christ’s message of love and compassion….
Yet, I am a little uneasy when I see how much Christianity is taking over India under the reign of Sonia Gandhi (actual name : Edvige Antonia…

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Alberuni Ka Bharat

Alberuni’s India



He was born in the outer district of Kath, the capital of the Afrighid dynasty of Khwarezm (now a part of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan)[14][10] (or Chorasmia).[15][14] To conduct research, Al-Biruni used different methods to tackle the various fields he studied. Many consider Al-Biruni one of the greatest scientists in history, and especially of Islam because of his discoveries and methodology. He lived during the Islamic Golden Age, which promoted astronomy and encouraged all scholars to work on their research.[14] Al-Biruni spent the first twenty-five years of his life in Khwarezm where he studied Islamic jurisprudence, theology, grammar, mathematicsastronomymedicine, philosophy and also dabbled in the field of physics and most other sciences as well.[15]The Iranian Khwarezmian language, which was the language of Biruni,[16][17] survived for several centuries after Islam until the…

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Ancient Hindu marvel-Ashoka Iron Piller


vishnu piller

Ancient Hindu marvel! Marvelous
For the last 1600 years, the rustless wonder called the Iron Pillar of India, near the Qutub Minar at Mehrauli in Delhi, continues to stay strong!
The pillar, made up of nearly seven tonnes of 98 per cent wrought iron of pure quality, is 7.21 m (23 feet 8 inches) high, with 93 cm buried below the present floor level, and has a diameter of 41 cm (16 inches).
A team at the Archaeological Survey of India also came to the conclusion that the pillar was not cast but fabricated by forging and hammer-wielding lumps of hot pasty iron, weighing 20 to 30 kg, in a step-by-step process. The surface of the pillar retains marks of hammer blows. It is assumed that 120 laborers took a fortnight to complete this daunting task.
Experts at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, believe that the relatively pure…

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India v/s China

Voice of world

मोदी ने हिंद महासागर में बसाए भारत के दो ‘सीक्रेट आइलैंड’

ये एक ऐसी खबर है जिसके बारे में हमारे देश में ज्यादातर लोगों को पता नहीं है। दरअसल यह भारत का एक सीक्रेट मिशन है, जिसने चीन और पाकिस्तान जैसे दुश्मन देशों की नींद उड़ा रखी है।

भारत की समुद्री सीमा से दूर हिंद महासागर में 2 फौजी अड्डे स्थापित किए जा चुके हैं। मतलब यह कि भारतीय सेना ने इन आइलैंड पर अपना मिलिट्री बेस बनाया है। दुनिया के नक्शे में इन दोनों द्वीपों की लोकेशन इतनी जबर्दस्त है कि चीन और पाकिस्तान परेशान हैं।

इनके नाम हैं- अगालेगा और अजंप्शन आइलैंड। (नीचे मैप में देखें) इन द्वीपों पर भारतीय सेना आधुनिक हथियारों और साजो-सामान के साथ मौजूद है। बेहद खुफिया तरीके से यहां भारतीय सेना खुद को मजबूत बनाने में जुटी है।

अगालेगा आइलैंड पर तो भारत ने बाकायदा एयरपोर्ट भी बनाया है। जबकि अज़ंप्शन आइलैंड पर…

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टीपू सुल्तान-मतान्ध एवं अत्याचारी , Tipu Sultan was islamic terrorist ,Truth decoded-In Hindi


टीपू सुल्तान मतान्ध एवं अत्याचारी शासक था। अकबर और औरंगज़ेब के विषय में अलग से लेख लिखा जायेगा। इस लेख का मूल उद्देश्य किसी भी मुस्लिम शासक के प्रति द्वेष भावना का प्रदर्शन करना नहीं अपितु जो जैसा है उसे वैसा बताना हैं।

भ्रान्ति नं 1. टीपु सुल्तान के राज्य में हिन्दुओं को सरकारी नौकरी में भरपूर मौका मिलता था। उदहारण के रूप में टीपू के प्रधानमंत्री का नाम पूर्णया था और वह एक ब्राह्मण था।

निवारण- टीपू सुल्तान की नौकरी में मुसलमानों को प्राथमिकता दी जाती थी। यहाँ तक कि अयोग्य होने पर भी मुसलमान होने के कारण बड़ी से बड़ी नौकरी पर एक मुसलमान को बैठाया जाता था। इससे प्रजा की दशा ओर अधिक शोचनीय हो गई। टीपू सुल्तान के मंत्रियों में केवल पुर्णिया एकमात्र हिन्दू था। मुसलमानों को गृह कर, संपत्ति कर से छूट थी। जो हिन्दू मुसलमान बन जाता था। उसे भी यह छूट प्राप्त हो…

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Gravitation and Motion of Earth in Vedas



Rig Veda 8.12.28

“O Indra! by putting forth your mighty rays, which possess the qualities of gravitation and attraction-illumination and motion – keep up the entire universe in order through the Power of your attraction.”

Rig Veda 1.6.5, Rig Veda 8.12.30

“O God, You have created this Sun. You possess infinite power. You are upholding the sun and other spheres and render them steadfast by your power of attraction.

Yajur Veda 33.43

“The sun moves in its own orbit in space taking along with itself the mortal bodies like earth through force of attraction.”

Rig Veda 1.35.9

“The sun moves in its own orbit but holding earth and other heavenly bodies in a manner that they do not collide with each other through force of attraction.

Rig Veda 1.164.13

“Sun moves in its orbit which itself is moving. Earth and other bodies move around sun due to force

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