Sun temple of Multan


SuryaMitraTemples : Part 1

The Multan Sun temple of Mitra is mentioned by Greek Admiral Skylax, who visited the place during reign of Darius I (515 BC). Alexander also visited the temple of Multan and was wonder struck at the excellence of the hindu human art and science with which the Sun Mitra idol was built and suspended in the air by the pull of magnet. Multan is also spoken by the Chinese pilgrim Huen –Tsang, as flourishing city with the temple of sun, which he falls U-fa-Tsun (Aditya) the sun god made of gold and expensive stones. The Multan Surya Temple’s granduer is mentioned by these people in detailed. The temple idol which is now no more was hanging in air with the help of various magnets just like in Konark. There was a Kund in front of temple just like in all other Surya temple.

Multan was the…

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Author: Sanatan Dharm and Hinduism

My job is to remind people of their roots. There is no black,white any religion in spiritual science. It is ohm tat sat.

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