Future Badrinath and God Narsimha of Joshimath connection


Badrinath finds mention in the first chapter of second skanda of ‘Skanda Purana’.

The 57th shloka says, “The Ashram of lord Narayan was called ‘Muktipada’ in Satyuga, ‘Yogasiddha’ in Treta, ‘Vishal’ in Dwapar and ‘Badrikaashram’ in Kaliyug.”

In Vaman Purana, sage Pulastya says that ‘Dharma’ the divine body, manifested from the heart of Lord Brahma and married to ‘Murti’, daughter of Daksh. She gave birth to 4 sons, 2 of them being Nar and Narayan. Nar and Narayan reached Badrinath and performed penance.

It is believed that this is the same place where Ved Vyas compiled the Vedas and wrote Purans assisted by Bhagwan Ganesh. In Dwapar, Pandavas along with Draupadi too visited here when they were on their ascent to heaven (Swargarohini yatra).

According to Hindu scriptures, Bhakt Narad got salvation in Badrinath and the sages like Gautam, Kashyap and Kapil, who was himself the incarnation of lord Vishnu…

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