या पृथ्वी सच में शेषनाग पर टिकी हुई है ? क्या है इसका वैज्ञानिक रहस्य ?

क्या पृथ्वी सच में शेषनाग पर टिकी हुई है ? क्या है इसका वैज्ञानिक रहस्य ?

क्या पृथ्वी सच में शेषनाग पर टिकी हुई है ? चंद्रमा, आंतरिक्ष-स्टेशनो और सेट्लाइट से लिये गये पृथ्वी के फोटो में तो कोई भी शेषनाग (सर्प) दिखाई नहीं देते है फिर पुराणों और ग्रंथों में ऐसा क्यों कहा गया है कि पृथ्वी शेषनाग पर टिकी हुई है ?

इस विषय में श्रीरामचरित्रमानस, यथार्थ-गीता और भागवत-पुराण तीनों में बात की गयी है । यथार्थ-गीता के 10 अध्याय के 29 वे श्लोक के अनुसार, भागवत-पुराण में यह बताया गया है कि ‘पृथ्वी सरसों की दाने की तरह शेषनाग-नामक सर्प के ऊपर टिकी हुई है’ ।

इसी विषय में श्रीरामचरित्रमानस के बालकांड-दोहा-72 के दूसरे चौपाई में आया है कि :- …
तपबल संभु करहिं संघारा । तपबल सेषु धरइ महिभारा ॥ भावार्थ:- शेषजी तप के बल से ही पृथ्वी का भार धारण करते हैं॥2॥…….. ….. .

इस विषय का वैज्ञानिक तर्क निम्न प्रकार से है । हमारी पृथ्वी, 8 ग्रहों और सूर्य सहित सौरमंडल में स्थित है । यह सौरमंडल, अनेकों तारों सहित आकाशगंगा नामक मंदाकिनी में स्थित है । इस आकाशगंगा नामक मदाकिनी का आकार सर्पिलाकार (सर्प+अकार) है । शेषनाग वास्तव में तों एक सर्प ही तो है । हम सभी इस मंदाकिनी के शिकारी भुजा अर्थात मुख (ओरायन-सिग्रस) के पास स्थित है ।

हमारे सत्य-सनातन-धर्म के ॠषि-मुनी, आज के वैज्ञानिकों से अधिक ज्ञाता और योग्य थे । वे अपनी शक्ति से इस पृथ्वी लोक को छोड़कर अन्य लोकों में (एलियन-लोक) में विचरण करने में सक्षम थे । वे इस मंदाकिनी से बाहर जाकर, अकाशगंगा और पृथ्वी के स्थिति और अकार को स्पस्ट रुप में देखने में पुर्णतः सक्षम थे । वह यह भी देख सकते थे कि सर्प के अकार रुपी मंदाकिनी में, पृथ्वी सरसों के दाने की भाँति प्रतीत हो रही है ।

सौरमंडल के आकार औऱ मन्दाकिनी के आकार के संदर्भ में विज्ञान में आया है कि यदि सौरमण्डल को एक रुपया का सिक्का मान लिया जाय तो मन्दाकिनी का क्षेत्रफ़ल सम्पूर्ण भारत का 1.5 गुना होगा । इस अनुपात को शास्त्र भी मानता है ।

अकाशगंगा और पृथ्वी के इस अदभुत संरचना को असानी से समझाने के लिये, हमारे महर्षियों ने सर्प-माडल (शेषनाग-माडल) का नाम दे दिया था जैसे कि परमाणु-संरचना को समझाने के लिये जेजे टामसन ने तरबूज-माडल का नाम दे दिया था ।

Does the earth really rest on Sheshnag? What is its scientific secret?

Does the earth really rest on Sheshnag? No Sheshnag (serpent) is visible in the photos of the Earth taken from the Moon, Inner-stations and Satellites, then why is it said in the Puranas and texts that the Earth rests on Sheshnag?

This subject has been talked about in all three of Shri Ramcharitmanas, Reality-Gita and Bhagwat-Purana. According to the 29th verse of Chapter 10 of the Reality-Gita, it has been told in the Bhagavata-Purana that ‘the earth rests like a grain of mustard on a serpent named Sheshnag’.

In this subject it has come in the second chapter of Balkand-Doha-72 of Shri Ramcharitmanas that :- …
Tapabal sambhu karhin sanghara. Tapbal Seshu Dharai Mahibhara. Meaning:- Sheshji bears the weight of the earth only by the power of tenacity.

The scientific reasoning for this topic is as follows. Our Earth is located in the Solar System including 8 planets and the Sun. This solar system, with many stars, is located in a galaxy called a galaxy. The shape of this galaxy named Madakini is spiral (snake + shape). Sheshnag is actually a snake. All of us are situated near the hunter arm of this galaxy, that is, the mouth (Orion-Sigus).

The sages of our Satya-Sanatan-Dharma were more knowledgeable and capable than today's scientists. With his power, he was able to leave this earth and roam in other worlds (alien-lokas). He was able to go out of this galaxy and see clearly the position and size of the galaxy and the earth. He could also see that in the snake-shaped Mandakini, the earth looked like a mustard seed.

In the context of the size of the solar system and the size of the Mandakini, it has come in science that if the solar system is considered to be a one rupee coin, then the area of ​​the Mandakini will be 1.5 times that of the whole of India. Shastra also accepts this ratio.

To explain this amazing structure of galaxy and earth easily, our sages gave the name of snake-model (Sheshnag-model) like JJ Thomson gave the name of watermelon-model to explain atomic structure. .

Time and universe

“Know nature to be Maya and the Ruler of this Maya is the Lord Himself.” — Svetasvatara Upanishad.( 5000 BC )

God lives in Time and Space and moves with Time (both are eternal ). Heavens, Earth, day and night all serve Time and Time controls All . (Rig Veda 1-95-7).

‘That which is above the sky, that which is beneath the earth, that which is between these two, sky and earth that which the people call the past, the present and future, across space is that woven like warp and weft. – Brhadaranyaka Upanisad 5000 BC

The theory of Maya is one of the grand pillars upon which Vedanta rests.

The word origin of MAYA is derived from the Sanskrit roots MA ( not ) and YA ( that ).

The term MAYA is mentioned 72 times in Rigveda written down in Sanskrit in 5000 BC. Maya is mentioned 29 times in the Atharva Veda.

In Puranas and Vaishnava theology, Maya is described as one of the nine shaktis of the reclining Vishnu.

Below: This giant golden idol was found at Padmanabha Swamy temple Kerala from a locked and forgotten vault.. Brahma sitting on a tender swaying lotus on the navel shows precession of the planet.

Qutab Minar, a Hindu monument– is meant to be viewed from TOP–from a helicopter hovering above the pillar. Islamic lies wont work anymore !



MAYA is the veritable fabric of duality, and she performs this role at the behest of BrahmAn, the morphogenetic consciousness field.. The Supreme God is not bound by Maya just as magicians do not believe the illusions of their own magic.

Swami Vivekananda had told Nikola tesla that science and religion would meet and shake hands. He told Tesla that when science meets the consciousness field of Vedanta written 7000 years ago, the last frontier of science can be breached.

I think that time has come to understand this profound truth , but this is possible only after understanding the concept of MAYA in Hinduism.

The universe is filled with an incomprehensible amount of energy and substance , most of which is imperceptible to our physical senses. Radio waves, microwaves, infrared waves and microscopic particles are just a few examples of the infinite aspects of reality that elude the perception of our 5 senses.

Our 5 senses serve as a filter allowing us to experience only what is absolutely necessary for our physical existence. The 5 senses create the set for the stage we call our lives. The senses squelch out , let we will have a breakdown due to excess information.

Maya is invisible and beyond sense-perception. No human can see beyond the quantum screen .

Dvaita Hinduism tells us about the duality of nature and existence . These dual poles of Tamas –Rajas ( Yin Yang ) are connected via consciousness. It is about the quantum possibility wave vibration between two poles.

This guarantees change, growth and evolution Lessening of Yin- always results in increase of Yang and vice versa. One cannot exist without the other and they are mutually dependant . Balance can never be permanent— Yin and Yang continuously devour each other – and life flows on.

Lila is a way of describing all reality, including the cosmos, as the outcome of creative play by BrahmAn, the intelligent empty space in which the electrons in an atom whiz around.



Maya may be understood as the phenomenal universe of perceived duality ( Dvaita Vedanta ) , a lesser reality-lens superimposed on the unity of BrahmAn ( Advaita Vedanta )

Vedic scriptures and culture.

Revealed Vedic scriptures is original knowledge of this world but at present many Indians by believing in Aryan invasion theory, false western theories like Darwin evolution theory which Darwin himself could not prove and still remains challenged, are giving discredit to Vedic Sages. After independence atleast Indians should start believing in their culture & civilization then what western scientists say.

Perhaps Indians are ignorant about Puranic Manvantar history which calculates cyclical time as per 4 Yugas, Mahayugas, Manvantar & Kalpa and which disapproves evolution of humans from Apes which is a western Adamic-Abrahamic concept.

Infact advanced Aryan culture originated from the start of Bramha’s day during स्वयंभुव मनु or मन्वंतर in Northern India known as the land of ब्रम्हावर्त were the Vedic literatures were revealed to the Vedic Sages as is mentioned in Puranic history which are real history and not mythology.

The present 7th विवस्वान मन्वंतर started 120 million years ago and we are living now in 28 महायुग 5110 कलियुग year.

Vedic Aryans were never naked. Man was naked is western concept due to Out of Africa theory or Adamic history popular in West Asia in the dominant religion of Christianity and Islam. Sanatan Vedic Dharma God revealed Vedas to Aryans and God himself descended in various Avatars to protect Dharma from miscreants in various Yugas. So God cannot be created by humans. 

Manu is progenitor of mankind which is संस्कृत word from which english word Man or civilized human or मनुष्य or मानव having evovled mind originated in India known as Caucasoid or Aryan race in India while the Black race people originated in Africa and Mongols originated in East Asia.

Stages of Creation of Material Universe ~ Structure of the Universe

INTRO “There is a systematic schedule for the perpetual manifestation, maintenance and annihilation of the material world, as stated in Bhagavad-gītā (9.8): bhūta-grāmam imaṁ kṛtsnam avaśaṁ prakṛter vaśāt. As it is created now and as it will be destroyed later on, so also it existed in the past and again will be created, maintained and destroyed in due […]


पश्चिमी मानव विकास की कहानी पर सवाल

यदि आप 19  वि सदी में यूरोप में किसी आदमी से मानव विकास के बारे में पूछते तो वो यही जवाब देता की हम आदम और हव्वा की संताने है ,यही कहानी मुस्लमान भी आपको बताते और यहूदी भी।
आज जब Evolution का सिधांत सामने आया है फिर भी कई लोग आदम और हव्वा की कहानी पर विश्वास रखते है जो की केवल एक मनघडंत कहानी है।
विग्यानुसार मनुष्य केवल एक स्त्री पुरुष से नहीं आ सकता कम से कम आदिमानवो 10 हज़ार की संताने है आज के मनुष्य।
यदि हम आदम और हव्वा की संतान होते तो अपने भाई बहन से शादी कर हम अपना DNA नस्त कर कबके विलुप्त हो गए होते।
चलिए जरा आदम और हव्वा की कहानी पर गौर फरमाते है साथ ही इसके साथ उठते सवालो के जवाब भी देंगे।
आदम और हव्वा की कहानी शुरू होती है  इसराइल के देवता Yehweh की दुनिया की रचना के बाद ।इश्वर पृथ्वी पर ‘Eden Garden ‘ नाम का बाग़ बनाते  है जिसे चार नदिया बाटती  वे नदिया है टिगरिस ,यूफ्रातेस,पिशों और गिहों।
आज टिगरिस और यूफ्रातेस का अस्तित्व है। ये दोनों नदिया आज के इराक में बहती है बाकि दोनों नदिया आजतक नहीं मिली।
यही वजह है की विदेशी जो इसाई, म्मुसलमन और यहूदी है वे इराक को ही सबसे पुराणी सभ्यता बनते है इस सच्चाई को नकार की भारतीय सभ्यता सबसे पुराणी है।
यहाँ इश्वर आदम को बनाते है फिर उसकी फस्लियो से हव्वा को। इश्वर इस दुनिया के हर प्राणी को आदम के पास लाता है  और उनका नामकरण करने कहता है।
कम्करण केबाद इश्वर आदम को कहता है की अब से ये बाग़ तुम्हारा तुम कौनसा भी फल खा सकते हो और किसी भी जानवर का मास खा सकते हो पर याद रखना की ज्ञान के फल  वाले पेड़ का फल न खाना वरना तुम अमृतवा खो दोंगे साथ ही अच्व्हे बुरे की समाज पा लोंगे जिस कारन तुम इस बाग़ में नहीं रह पोंगे।
बाइबिल,कुरान और तोर्रें में साफ़ लिखा है की इश्वर दर गया की फल खाने के बाद वह सब जान जायेंगा और इश्वर की जगह ले लेंगा इसीलिए इश्वर आदम को फल खाने से रोकता है।
ऐसे ही कई दिन बिट गए ।एक साप जो की सैतान था वो हव्वा को अपनी बातो में फसा लेता की फल खालो ।
यहाँ भी लिखा है की केवल औरत जात ही है जो दुसरो की बातो में फसती है।पुरुष कभी नहीं फास्ता।
सैतान की बात मान हव्वा फल खा लेती है और उसकी देख हव्वा भी ।
हव्वा को इस बात के लिए खूब कोस जाता है और इस दुनिया में बुरे लाने वाली खा जाता है।
यह बात जान की आदम ने फल खा लिया इश्वर उन दोनों को बाग़ से निकल देता है।
अब आदम और हव्वा अमृतवा खोने के करे इश्वर से गुहार लगते है।
तरस खाकर इश्वर कहता है की मेरा बेटा मानव बन जन्म लेगा जो तुम्हारे कास्ट दूर करेगा ।
इसाई उस बेटे को ईसा कहते है ,मुस्लमान उसे मुहम्मद और यहूदी उसे मूसा कहते है।
अब इससे कई प्रस्न आते है ।

प्र 1 यदि Yehweh जानता था की आदम फल खायेंग तो अनर्थ हो जायेंगा तो ऐसा पेड बनाया ही क्यों और बनाया तो उसे उस बाग़ में क्यों लगाया ?
उ . क्युकी नहीं Yehweh था या कोई और ये केवल एक मंघदत कहानी है।

प्र 2 यदि फल खाने के बाद ही मानव में समझ आती तो मानव कैसे जीवित था।
उ . ये केवल बकवास है।

प्र 3 यदि हव्वा या औरत दुसरो की बातो में जल्दी फस जाती है और आदम या मर्द नहीं तो हव्वा के पीछे आदम ने भी फल क्यों खाया।
उ. ये झूठ है की केवल औरत ही दुसरो की बातो में जल्दी फसती है ताकि औरतो को दबाकर रखा जाये आपने हाथो के निचे।

प्र 4 यदि वो इश्वर का बेटा ईसा, मुहम्मद या मूसा है तो अबतक लोग अमर क्यों नहीं हुए और उनके कस्त क्यों दूर नहीं हुए।
उ. क्युकी ये सब झूठ है।

प्र5 यदि हव्वा ने फल खा कर मानव को ज्ञान और समझ दी तो उसे पहला पैगम्बर कहना चाहिए न ही आदम को ?
उ. ये धर्म केवल पुरुष प्रधान है इसीलिए ये उमीद छोड़ दो।
ये थी मानव विकास की झूठी कहानी  जो की केवल अन्धविश्वास है ताकि लोगो को मस्सिहा का झासा दे उनसे मन चाह काम कराया जाये।

जय माँ भारती

Purusha Sukta from Rigveda


The Purusha Sukta from Rigveda (Sacred Chants) – beautiful hymn in praise of Supreme Cosmic Being, the Supreme Lord, the Lord of Lords. God, the Father, the Supreme Personality of Godhead  is One, all pervading, Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent; yet He expands Himself into many, directly or indirectly. His first expansion is Lord Baladeva (as the ‘Son’) from Whom everything is created. The Son’s act of creation is considered His Self-sacrifice (yajna). Purusha means the Original Person, the Supreme Enjoyer; as such, He is the Supreme Enjoyer of all sacrifices and the sacrifice (oblation) Itself. (The term sacrifice means: offering something to God with Love. Anything offered to God with Love is sacrifice. Love and affection is the only valid ingredient of such sacrifice.) He Himself further expands into many, everything is His energy, all universes and ourselves; “For in Him we live and move and exist. As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are His offspring’.” [Acts 17,28] “All of you together are Christ’s Body, and each of you is a part of it.” [1 Cor 12,27]


Purusha is described as a Primeval gigantic Person, from whose Body the world and the varnas (socioeconomic classes) are built. He is described as having a thousand heads and a thousand feet. He emanated Viraj, the female creative principle, from which he is reborn in turn before the world was made out of his parts.

In the sacrifice of Purusha, the Vedic chants were first created. The horses and cows were born, the Brahmins (Learned men) were made from Purusha’s mouth, the Kshatriyas (Men with strength) from his arms, the Vaishyas (Men with business acumen) from his thighs, and the Shudras (Men who Work) from his feet. [1] The Moon was born from his mind, the Sun from his eyes, the heavens from his skull. Indra and Agni emerged from his mouth.

The hymn finds place in various Vedic texts such as the Atharvaveda (19.6), the Samaveda (6.4), the Yajurveda (VS 31.1-6), the Taittiriya Aranyaka (3.12,13), and it is commented upon in the Shatapatha Brahmana, the Taittiriya Brahmana, the Shvetashvatara Upanishad and the Mudgala Upanishad. It is one of the few Rig vedic hymns still current in contemporary Hinduism like, the Gayatri mantra. The Purusha Sukta is also mentioned with explanations and interpretations in the Vajasaneyi Samhita (31.1-6), the Sama veda Samhita (6.4), and the Atharva veda Samhita (19.6). Among Puranic texts, the Sukta has also been elaborated in the Bhagavata Purana (2.5.35 to 2.6.1-29) and in the Mahabharata.

Peace Invocation

Om taccham yoravrini mahe
ghatun yajnaya
ghatun yajnapataye
daivi svastirastu naha
svastir manushebhyaha
urdhvam jigatu bheshajam
sham no astu dvipade
sham chatushpade
Om shantih shantih shantihi

We worship and pray to the Supreme Lord for the welfare of all beings. May all miseries and shortcomings leave us forever so that we may always sing for the Lord during the holy fire ceremonies. May all medicinal herbs grow in potency so that all diseases may be cured. May the gods rain peace on us. May all the two-legged creatures be happy, and may all the four-legged creatures also be happy. May there be peace in the hearts of all beings in all realms.

Om sahasra shirsha purushaha
sahasrakshas sahasrapat
sa bhumim vishvato vritva
atyatishthad dhashangulam

The Purusha (the Supreme Lord) has a thousand heads, a thousand eyes and a thousand feet. He has enveloped this world from all sides and has (even) transcended it by ten angulas or inches.

purusha evedagam sarvam
yadbhutam yaccha bhavyam
utamritatva syeshanaha
yadanne natirohati

All this is verily the Purusha. All that which existed in the past or will come into being in the future (is also the Purusha). Also, he is the Lord of immortality. That which grows profusely by food (is also the Purusha).

etavanasya mahima
ato jyayagamshcha purushaha
padosya vishva bhutani
tripadasya mritam divi

So much is His greatness. However, the Purusha is greater than this. All the beings form only a quarter (part of) Him. The three-quarter part of His, which is eternal, is established in the spiritual domain.

tripadurdhva udaitpurushaha
padosyeha bhavatpunaha
tato vishvajya kramat
sashana ashane abhi

The Purusha with the three-quarters (of His energy) ascended above (the spiritual energy). His one quarter of material energy becomes this creation again (and again). Then He pervades this universe comprising a variety of sentient beings and insentient objects.

tasmad viradajayata
virajo adhi purushah
sa jato atyarichyata
pashchad bhumimatho puraha

From Him (the Adipurusha or original Supreme Being) was born the Virat (or Virat Purusha, the immense universal form). Making this Virat as the substratum (another) purusha (or being, Brahma) (was born). As soon as he was born, he multiplied himself. Later, he created this earth and then, the bodies (of the living beings).

yatpurushena havisha
deva yajnam atanvata
vasanto asyasidajyam
grishma idhmash sharaddhavihi

When the devas (the demigods or beings of light) performed a yajna (or sacrificial ritual), using the Purusha as the havis (sacrificial material) for the yajna (ritual), the Vasanta (spring) became the ajya (ghee), the Grishma (summer) served as idhma (pieces of wood) and the sharad (autumn) filled the place of havis (oblatory material like the purodasha or rice-cake).

saptasyasan paridhayaha
trissapta samidhah kritaha
deva yadjajnam tanvanaha
abadhnan purusham pashum

For this (yajna or spiritual ceremony) there were seven paridhis (fuel pieces serving as borders). And, twenty-one items were made the samit or sacrificial fuel sticks. When the devas were performing this yajna or ceremony, they tied the Purusha (Himself) as the pashu (sacrificial animal).

tam yajnam barhishipraukshan
purusham jatamagrataha
tena deva ayajantaha
sadhya rishayashchaye

The devas, the sadhyas and the rishis performed the sacrifice by using that Purusha as the means of yajna, the Purusha who had been born in the beginning, after sprinkling him with water by the barhis (or sacrificial grass).

tasmad yajnat sarvahutaha
sambhritam vrishadajyam
pashugamstya gashchakre
vayavyan aranyan gramashcaye

From that yajna (or sacrificial ritual) wherein the Cosmic Being was Himself the oblation, was produced the prasajya (or curds mixed with ghee). Birds flying in the air, wild animals of the forest as also the domesticated animals of the villages were also produced.

tasmad yajnat sarvahutaha
richassamani jijignire
chandhagamsi jijignire tasmat
yajus tasmad ajayata

From that yajna (or sacrifice) wherein the Cosmic Being was Himself the oblation, were born the riks (the mantras of the Rig-veda) and the samans (the mantras of the Sama-veda). From that (yajna) the metres (like Gayatri) were born. From that (yajna again) the yujas (the Yajur-veda) was born.

tasmadashva ajayata
ye ke cobhaya dataha
gavo ha jijignire tasmat
tasmad jnata ajavayaha

From that were born the horses, as also animals (like donkeys and mules) which have two rows of teeth. From that were born the cattle. From that (again) were born goats and sheep.

yatpurusham vyadadhuhu
kadhita vyakalpayan
mukham kimasya kau bahu
kavuru padavuchayate

(Now some questions are raised by the sages:) When the gods decided to (mentally) sacrifice the Viratpurusha (and produce further creation), in how many ways did they do it? What became of his face or mouth? What became of his two arms? What became of His two thighs? What were (the products of) the two feet called?

brahmanosya mukhamasit
bahu rajanyah kritaha
uru tadasya yadvaishyaha
padhyagam shudro ajayata

From His face (or the mouth) came the brahmanas. From His two arms came the rajanya (the kshatriyas). From His two thighs came the vaishyas. From His two feet came the shudras.

chandrama manaso jataha
chakshoh suryo ajayata
mukhad indrash chagnishcha
pranadvayur ajayata

From His mind was born the moon. From His two eyes was born the sun. From His mouth were born Indra and Agni. From His breath was born the air.

nabhya asidanta riksham
shirshno dyauh samavartata
padhyam bhumirdishash shrotrat
tada lokagamm akalpayan

From (His) navel was produced the antariksha (the space between the earth and the heavens). Dyuloka (or heaven) came into existence from His head. The bhumi (the earth) evolved out of His feet, and deek (or spacial directions) from His ears. Similarly (the demigods) produced the worlds (too).

vedahametam purusham mahantam
adityavarnam tamasastu pare
sarvani rupani vichitya dhiraha
namani kritva abhivadan yadaste

I know (through intuitive experience) this great Purusha (the Supreme Lord), the wise one, who, having created the various forms and the nomenclatures (for those forms), deals with them by those names, and who is beyond darkness and is brilliant like the sun.”

dhata purastadya mudajahara
shakrah pravidvan pradishashcha tasraha
tamevam vidvan amrita iha bhavati
nanyah pantha ayanaya vidyate

In the ancient days, Prajapati (Brahma) praised Him. Indra who knows all the four quarters also spoke about Him. Anyone who knows Him thus, will become immortal even in this life. For attaining liberation there is no other path (than knowledge of this Purusha, the Supreme Lord).

yajnena yajnam ayajanta devaha
tani dharmani pradhamanyasan
te ha nakam mahimanas sacante
yatra purve sadhyah santi devaha

The (demi)gods worshiped (the Supreme Creator in the form of) yajna through yajna (sacrifical ceremonies). Those very processes became the primary dharmas (laws guiding humanity). Those great ones attain that heaven where the ancient devas (demigods) and sadhyas live.

adbhyas sambhutah prithivyai rasacca
vishvakarmanas samavartatadhi
tasya tvashta vidadhad rupameti
tatpurushasya vishvamajanamagre

The Viratpurusha manifested Himself from out of (the all-pervading) water as also the essence of the element of earth. This Virat-purusha was born out of the greatness of the Parama-purusha, the Creator. The (Paramapurusha, known as) Tvashta engaged Himself in the act of creating (the fourteen planetary systems), (which form of the expanded) figure (of the Viratpurusha). (Thus) the entire creation (related to the Viratpurusha) came into existence in the very beginning of creation.

vedahametam purusham mahantam
adityavarnam tamasah parastat
tamevam vidvan amrita iha bhavati
nanyah pantha vidyate’yanaya

“I have known that great Purusha (Supreme Lord) who is brilliant like the sun and who is beyond all darkness. One who knows Him thus becomes immortal (even) here. There is no other path for liberation than this.”

prajapatishcharati garbhe antaha
ajayamano bahudha vijayate
tasya dhirah parijananti yonim
marichinam padamicchanti vedhasaha

Prajapati (the Supreme Creator) moves inside the cosmic womb. (Though) unborn He takes birth in a variety of ways. The wise ones know His (real nature) as the origin (of the universe). The (secondary) creators desire to attain the positions of Marichi and others.

yo devebhya atapati
yo devanam purohitaha
purvo yo devebhyo jataha
namo ruchaya brahmaye

Obeisances to Him, the self-luminous Brahman, who shines for the (demi)gods, who is the leader of the rituals of the gods and who was born even before the gods.

rucham brahmam janayantaha
deva agre tadabruvan
yastvaivam brahmano vidyat
tasya deva asanvashe

In the beginning of creation, the gods, manifesting the light of Brahman, addressed Brahman thus: “That brahmana who realizes (You) thus, all the gods will come under his control.”

hrishcha te lakshmishcha patnyau
ahoratre parshve
nakshatrani rupam
ashvinau vyattam
ishtam manishana
amun manishana
sarvam manishana
Om shanti shanti shantihi

O Purusha! The goddesses Hri (modesty) and Sri (Lakshmi, wealth) are Your consorts. Day and night are Your lateral limbs. The stars are Your form. The Ashvins are your widely opened (mouth). (O Purusha) fulfill our desire for self-knowledge as also our desire for the enjoyments of this world (like longevity, cows, and horses). Give us all that we need. Om, let there be peace, peace, peace.

Creation of Material Universe


“There is a systematic schedule for the perpetual manifestation, maintenance and annihilation of the material world, as stated in Bhagavad-gītā (9.8): bhūta-grāmam imaṁ kṛtsnam avaśaṁ prakṛter vaśāt. As it is created now and as it will be destroyed later on, so also it existed in the past and again will be created, maintained and destroyed in due course of time. Therefore, the systematic activities of the time factor are perpetual and eternal and cannot be stated to be false. The manifestation is temporary and occasional, but it is not false as claimed by the Māyāvādī philosophers.

The material world is called illusory because it is a place of forgetfulness of the transcendental service of the Lord. Thus one engaged in the Lord’s devotional service in the material world may sometimes be very much disturbed by awkward circumstances. There is a declaration of war between the two parties, the illusory energy and the devotee, and sometimes the weak devotees fall victim to the onslaught of the powerful illusory energy. Lord Brahmā, however, was sufficiently strong, by the causeless mercy of the Lord, and he could not be victimized by the material energy, although it gave him cause for anxiety when it managed to totter the existence of his position.

The seeds of all the planets in the universe were impregnated in the lotus on which Brahmā was situated. All the planets were already generated by the Lord, and all the living entities were also born in Brahmā. The material world and the living entities were all already generated in seedling forms by the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and Brahmā was to disseminate the same seedlings all over the universe. The real creation is therefore called sarga, and, later on, the manifestation by Brahmā is called visarga.” [From the Puports by Srila Prabhupada]


Summarized from Śrīmad bhāgavatam 3.10 Divisions of the Creation

First creation: Mahat-tattva – sum total of material ingredients which modes interact due to the presence of the Lord

Second creation: False ego – material ingredients, material knowledge and material activities arise

Third creation: Sense perceptions – elements are generated

Fourth creation: Creation of knowledge and working capacity

Fifth creation: Controlling deities (demigods) – created by interaction of the mode of goodness; mind is the sum total of goodness

Sixth creation: Ignorant darkness of the living entity – master acts like a fool; forgetfullness of the relationship with the Supreme Lord; 5 kinds of illusion that cause material bondage: attachment, hatred, pride, ignorance and false identification

Creations from first (1) to sixth (6) are natural creations by external energy of the Lord (prākṛta-natural creations)

Seventh creation: Immovable entities: fruit trees without flowers, trees and plants, creepers, pipe plants, creepers with no support, trees with the flowers and fruits = they are almost unconscious but have feelings of pain within

Eigth creation: Lower species of life – 28 varieties, all extensivelly foolish and ignorant – they know their desirables by smell only; those are animals with cloven hooves, with one hoof, five nails on claws, birds etc.

Ninth creation: Human beings – mode of passion is very prominent in them

Creations from seventh (7) to ninth (9) are creations by Brahmā (vaikṛta creations)

There is also tenth creation and that is creation of the demigods which is of 8 varieties:

  1. demigods
  2. forefathers
  3. asuras (demons)
  4. Gandharvas (expert artisans in the higher planets) and Apsarās (Angels, angelic beings)
  5. Yakṣas and Rākṣasas (demonic beings, man-eating demons, carnivorous)
  6. Siddhas (perfected beings, advanced mystics), Cāraṇas (celestial singers) andVidyādharas (other demigods)
  7. Bhūtas (ghosts), Pretas (evil spirits, hobgoblins, ghosts) and Piśācas (witches, evil spirits)
  8. superhuman beings, celestial singers

These are all created by Brahmā.


The three kinds of annihilations are (1) due to the scheduled time of the annihilation of the entire universe, (2) due to a fire which emanates from the mouth of Ananta, and (3) due to one’s qualitative actions and reactions.


Summarized from Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam 3.11, Calculation of Time, from Atom

1 year of demigods = 360 years of humankind

12,000 years of demigods = 4 milleniums (yugas) = 4.320,000 years of humans

4 milleniums (yugas): Satya, Tretā, Dvāpara, Kali = 12,000 years of demigods

Satya yuga=4,800 years of demigods, Tretā yuga=3,600 years of demigods, Dvāpara yuga=2,400 years of demigods, Kali yuga= 1,200 years of demigods

Transitional periods between yugas (yuga-sandhyās) – few hundred years before and after every millenium (yuga) – in these periods all kinds of religious activities are performed.


There are 3 planetary systems:

Lower planets – Pātālalokas (Bhūḥ) – hellish planets
Middle planets – Bhūrlokas (Martya, Bhuvaḥ) – earthlike planets
Upper planets – Svarlokas (Svarga, Svaḥ) – heavenly planets
Still higher planets – Maharloka, Tapoloka, Satyaloka and Brahmaloka which do not dissolve in devastating water.

Brahma lives for 100 years (Brahma’s years). Please see the calculation:

4 yugas x 1000 = one day of Brahmā (4 x 4.320,000 x 1000)

likewise, 4 yugas x 1000 = one night of Brahmā – during which 3 planetary systems are submerged in the water of devastation. In this sleeping condition, Brahmā dreams of Garbhodakśayī Viṣṇu and takes instruction from the Lord for the rehabilitation of the devastated area of space. In the night of Brahmā, manifestation of universe merges in the darkness of night when living entities remain merged in dissolutions and everything is silent.

Lifespan of Manus = 852,000 years of demigods = 306,720,000 years of humankind

There are 14 consecutive Manus, fathers of mankind during one day of Brahmā, and each of them has different descendants. 7 sages, Indra, Gandharvas all appear simultaneously with Manu.


Blazing fire from the mouth of Saṅkarṣaṇa rages for 100 years of demigods = 36,000 human years.

For another 36,000 years there are torrents of rain, violent winds and waves and the seas and oceans overflow. These 72,000 years are the beginning of the partial devastation of the 3 worlds.


In Satya yuga = 100,000 years
In Tretā yuga = 10,000 years
In Dvāpara yuga = 1,000 years
In Kali yuga = 100 years
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