Syria was ruled by Hindu King 3300 years ago

A King named Dasharatha ruled over Syria and Iraq 3300 years ago: The Arya Kingdom of Mittani comprised of what is known today as Syria and parts of south-eastern Turkey and Iraq between 1500-1300 BC. It is well-known to historians that the Mittani kingdom was founded by an Arya ruling class, whose names are of Indic origin and who worshipped Vedic Gods, such as Mitra, Varuna, Indra and Nasatya (Ashvini-Kumaras) etc. Look at the names of some of their kings: The first Mitanni king was Sutarna I (“good sun” – सुतर्ण). He was followed by Paratarna I (“great sun” – परतर्ण), Parashukshatra (“ruler with axe” – परशुक्षत्र), Saukshatra (“son of Sukshatra, the good ruler” – सौक्षत्र), Paratarna II, Artatama or Ritadharma (“abiding in cosmic law” – ऋतधर्म), Sutarna II, Tushratta or Dasharatha (दशरथ), and finally Mativaja (Matiwazza, “whose wealth is prayer” – मतिवाज). For more info read Pr. Subhash Kak’s well-researched informative article:…
Pic: 1. A letter from King Dasharatha (Tushratta) of Mittani written to King Akhenaton of Egypt, Tell El Amarna letters (tablets). 2. The extent of the Mittani kingdom in 1400 BC.

Author: Sanatan Dharm and Hinduism

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