Hanuman Chalisa- Evil spirit annihilator


Jai HanumanThe Evil Spirits Annihilator – Sri Hanuman Chalisa

Hanuman Chalisa can be recited by any individual, irrespective of religion, for termination of evil spirits and negative energies.

Before reciting – take bath daily in the morning, stay calm and clean, without eating or touching anything, think about Lord Hanuman and chant Hanuman Chalisa. Practicing celibacy for 40 days while daily reciting the Hanuman Chalisa would create wonders for the reciter. And would help to internalize it by heart.

Hanuman Chalisa was composed by Tulsidas Ji the great Sage whom Hanuman Ji gave darshan personally and told him about several incidences of Ramayan.

The composition of Hanuman Chalisa is made in such a manner that in each doha (couplet) you find mention of at least one God, which makes it so powerful that the reciter is protected by Lord Hanuman – Rudra Avatar of Lord Shiva himself. There are millions of…

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Author: Sanatan Dharm and Hinduism

My job is to remind people of their roots. There is no black,white any religion in spiritual science. It is ohm tat sat.

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