Buddha did not convert 

There was no “Hinduism” at that time. There was a nation of many religions united under Aryan (Brahmin) law, the Constitutional Mantra of which is represented by the Yantra of the Swastika. This nationality came to be called Hinduism much later after it was defunct.. The Budha was an Arya of the Gautama Gothra who practiced Brahmanism. He was a Brahmin by religion and a Kshatriya by Varna who opted for Shivacharya Tantra and Sankhya Pramana.
Original Budhism is a peculiar mythology developed from local tribal lore in different places around a core of Brahmanism. Ashokan Budhism was Imperial like the Christianity of Paul, Charlemagne and Constantine or the Islam of Mahomet and Budhist Mendicants were often Imperial spies intended to smell out dissent and Brahmanism which would then be eradicated by ruthless “Budhist” soldiers.. 
Pre-Ashokan Budhism which was spread through debate and preaching is nothing but Brahmanism translated to Pali and other languages and then back again to eternal fissiparious confusion. 
Budha himself was an agnostic with a handful of faithful disciples whose answer to the question, “Is there Brahma”? was a half smile as he passed away. Budha was used to reform and spread Brahmanism by Brahmins. Kashyapa created Zen (good) , Koushika (Padma Sambhava) took it to Tibet. Bharadwaja took it to Japan. His statue still sits outside the great temple at Nara. 
Budhism adopts the notions of Karma and Dharma that originated in the Prathamo Upanishad that was received by the Saptha Rishis (Athri, Bhrigu, Kuthsa, Vasishta, Gautama, Kashyapa and Angirasa) who are the patrilineal ancestors of the Shroutha Smartha Brahmins (I am a Kashyapa) . 
While Ashoka destroyed and plundered all the Brahmin temples and guru kulas (Sarnath and theSanchi Stupa are now the oldest buildings in his erstwhile empire), the Budhist temples of Japan, which predate Ashokan Budhism, sport the Saffron Swastika of Aryavarta Dharma rather than the Chakra of Ashoka’s tyranny, (So do India’s Jain temples). 
Japan is a classic case which has been immune to political mythology masquerading as History thanks to their Shinto-Kojiki culture which passes mouth to ear from guru to shishya as does the Shroutha Smartha tradition. The ancient Shinto-Budhist Sanju Sanjusangendo Hall of Warriors at Kyoto has 12 foot high bronze statues of the Dasha Dikpalaka of Aryan Brahmanism. The not so ancient Asakusa Budhist Temple (near Tokyo) has enormous stone statues of Virinchi (Mahasthana Praptha), and Narayana (Amithabha) installed in the garden outside the Shinto Shrine to those who built the temple and Shankara (Avalokiteshwara or Kannon) is the principal deity. These are the trinity of Gunas that come from Savitur,the Light of Surya (the Sun) which is itself formed from the light of Brahma (Mitra common to Zorastrianism and the now exterminated Gnostic Christianity-though the Mitre head dress derives its name from the original Mitra) in Brahmanism. Indra, Varuna, Rahu and Kethu guard the gates at Asakusa Temple and the temple main shrine is emblazoned with an enormous Saffron Swastika at its rear which all traditional worshipers pay obeisance to during perambulations. There is a separate shrine for Lalitha which indicates that this temple was constructed post Dravido-Aryan integration (Atharva Veda period) and pre Ashokan 
Thailand is also an interesting point here. While the majority of the population follow pre-Ashokan Budhism (distinguished by the Swasthika of Aryavartha Dharma), the State Religion is Brahmanism, and the King, Bhoomipala Athulyatheja, is an Arya Kshatriya who follows Brahmanism. So was the late Nara Utham Sihanouk of Cambodia. Budhism in India was destroyed in the backlash to Ashoka but prospered elsewhere. .
Gandhi, like any post 1857 “God Man,” is the “Hindoo” that the British helped create to emasculate the People of Dharma. 
Outside of the “Church”, we, the Illuminati, have always known that Titus Flavius brought about the first schism between the Gnostics and the literati to pacify the Jews and create a Christianity, via the Literati, that would be an instrument of the Roman Empire. Paul embraced the temptations of Satan repudiated by Jesus and turned Christianity into an Empire. Constantine Charlemagne James and others formed Councils that cherry picked gospels suitable for the purpose and discarded the rest. This is why present day Christians cannot perform the miracles that Jesus’ original disciples could despite claiming to be following in Jesus’ footsteps. We also know that Christianity not only failed Jesus, but also failed Satan as it got corrupted by various human virtues such as mercy, compassion, and love. This is why Satan set Christianity aside, possessed Mahomet and founded Islam: 
Ashoka did the same thing and twisted Budhism (which was a proselytizing and modified Brahmanism) to his Imperial advantage, tyranny and self glorification. The backlash all but wiped out Budhism and the Black Chakra of Ashoka’s writ in India while Budhism prospered elsewhere in China, Japan, Tibet and so on under the benign Saffron Swasthika of the Aryan Constitution. 
Uthman (3rd Khalifa) had ordered burning of all copies of Quran except his version. Abdullah Ibn Masud (person Mohammad recommended to learn Quran from) Rejected Uthman’s version and asked the people of Iraq to hide the real Quran from Uthman. The Original Quran was hidden somewhere in Iraq or Syria, destroying which is the target of descendants of Uthman and Abu Bakr, this is the reason why they are attacking the museums in Iraq & Syria. Todays muslims have a choice – to continue following Uthman’s Quran; OR to find the original Quran, follow it, and become the protected “one sect” Mohammad talked about. 
This is rather like William Hunter of the William Hunter Commission created by the British that picked up fragments of the Manu Smrithi, Vedas and so on from Max Mueller and others and twisted them and published their own perverted versions as a central pillar of their effort to create a “Hinduism” to replace the People of Dharma by eradicating Brahmanism, and the talking, walking Libraries of Aryan History, Law, Traditions and so on, The Brahmins. 
Post 1857, the British took a page from Titus Flavius to create a “Hindu” lumpen in the vacuum comprising all who were not the Deen e Kitabi with Sgt Khilafart Gandhi, MBE, leading the charge to emasculate the natives and lobotomize the People of Dharma. 
Sufism is a similar confection that attempted to disarm pockets of resistance that could not be overcome with violence through a form of “bribery”. It began with the need to motivate the enslaved architects, masons, artists, musicians and others to remain creative and productive though enslaved under the iron heel of Moslem tyranny.
The British began the eradication of Brahmins and Brahmanism post 1857. Part of the project was to create a tame Hinduism that went by the Book as trans created and approved by the British. The William Hunter Commission was entrusted with this project of creating a :”Hinduism” that would include all those who were not Deen e Kitabi as the “Hindu” lumpen independent of Brahmins and dependent on British made books. From this distortion sprang the pratings of Ambedkar, Periyar, Narayana Guru, Khilafart Gandhi and the great veneration of the Gita which is but an excerpt from a literary masterpiece that contains far more sagacious passages and has no canonical significance whatsoever other than in India’s grotesque British made courts and the lectures of latter day God Men.

Did Buddha leave hinduism
By suchindranath Aiyer

Author: Sanatan Dharm and Hinduism

My job is to remind people of their roots. There is no black,white any religion in spiritual science. It is ohm tat sat.

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  1. There are some interesting things here, but I’m not sure could they be verified. Anyway, it was an interesting post to read. You are obviously religious, although I couldn’t really say to which exact religion to you belong to. I can see your blog is called global hinduism, but you got me confused when you mentioned satan, cause Satan is a judaistic concept… I, personally don’t believe in Satan, and I think a some things in this post are misconceptions, but still, it is interesting to read. 🙂


    1. If you have heard of Dharm, I am from Sanatan Dharma and religions or concept of religion came from misunderstanding truth and untruth. Religions is a modern cult started from Zoroastrian afterwards. There is a lot to make you understand but I have already said in this blog so search please. Thank you for coming here.

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