Bhaskaracharya- The mathmatician , astrologer.

Bhaskaracharya – The Crown Jewel of Mathematics and AstronomyA Glance at the Astronomical Achievements of Bhaskaracharya…1. The Earth is not flat, has no support and has a power of attraction.

2. The north and south poles of the Earth experience six months of day and six months of night.

3. One day of Moon is equivalent to 15 earth-days and one night is also equivalent to 15 earth-days.

4. Bhaskaracharya had accurately calculated apparent orbital periods of the Sun and orbital periods of Mercury, Venus, and Mars. There is slight difference between the orbital periods he calculated for Jupiter and Saturn and the corresponding modern values.

5. Earth’s atmosphere extends to 96 kilometers and has seven parts.

6. There is a vacuum beyond the Earth’s atmosphere.

There have been several unscrupulous attempts to argue that there are traces of Diophantine influence in Bhaskara’s work…

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Author: Sanatan Dharm and Hinduism

My job is to remind people of their roots. There is no black,white any religion in spiritual science. It is ohm tat sat.

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