Chauhan defeated Gazanvi- unsung heroes of Hindustan



Arnoraja chauhan – badly defeated gaznavi king bahram shah.

Arnoraja was an Indian king belonging to the Shakambhari Chahamana dynasty. He He was a son of the king Ajayaraja II and his wife Somalladevi. Also known by various names, including Analadeva, Ānaladeva, Ana, Anna, and Ānāka. Two 1139 CE Revasa inscriptions mention his title as Maharajadhiraja-Parameshvara. An 1141 CE manuscript of Avashyaka-Niryukti mentions his title as Paramabhattaraka-Maharajadhiraja-Shrimad.ruled the Sapadalaksha country, which included parts of present-day Rajasthan in north-western India.He ascended the throne of Ajmer a little before 1133, the probable date of the death of his rival Naravarman .Dates for Arnoraja range from 1139 to 1142. But he can be proved from other sources to have ruled much longer, say for about a period of eighteen years i.e. from 1133 to 1151.’According to the Ajmer prashasti inscription Arnoraja adorned Ajmer with the blood of Turushkas (Turkic people)

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