Sikhs are Hindu -Per Guru Granth Sahib as Buddhism followers.


When islamist were doing atrocities, murder,for religious conversion,one elder son of Hindus started making an army , that was called Sikh and these in long run formed Sikh religion, which is basically Hindu religion. They should not distract and forget about Guru Teg Bahadur who fought against Muslim atrocities and terrorism but not gave up. Some Sikhs are not happy for ban on BEEF, as they forgot their origina and started following ISLAMIC teaching of eating BEEF ,although their many ancestors were murdered by same islamist. Beware Sikhs–sikkh dharma rajput history

banda-singh-bahadur and khalsa

first sikkh-king sardar baaj sing and khalsa

Following is by डॉ विवेक आर्य-अलगाववादी सिखों को गुरु ग्रन्थ साहिब की सीख

हमारे कुछ सिख भाई पाकिस्तानी मुसलमानों के बहकावें में आकर अपने आपको हिन्दू धर्म से अलग दिखाने की होड़ में “हम हिन्दू नहीं हैं” , “सिख गौ को माता नहीं समझते”, “सिख मुसलमानों के अधिक…

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Author: Sanatan Dharm and Hinduism

My job is to remind people of their roots. There is no black,white any religion in spiritual science. It is ohm tat sat.

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