STAINLESS STEEL in ancient India


STAINLESS STEEL in ancient India

Wootz Steel from Tamil NaduNo photo description available.

Sushruta Samhita is one of the most elaborate books on medicine ever. Though some chapters have been lost, what remains is a huge encyclopedia of all aspects of medicine.
Speaking exhaustively about surgery Sushruta makes numerous observations. Two of them are, about the material for surgical instruments, and the need for practice.
Shuddha-shaikya-âyasa means stainless steel or Wootz Steel or Damask Steel or Damascus steel.
Ancient Tamilnadu was well-known for the manufacture of stainless steel of supreme quality. Stainless Steel was the best for surgery, and it was introduced to the world from India, like surgery itself.

Wootz steel or Damascus steel is one of the wonders of the ancient world. With its characteristic meandering pattern, the steel alloy is known as Wootz steel (derived from the Tamil word ‘Urukh’) still a towering example of metallurgy to this day.

Incidentally, though the swords made from…

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