Bharat Varsha and Brahm Puran


bharat varsha

BHȂRATA VARSHA, The Ancient Expansive India that was > 2500 years ago
Brahmāṇḍa Purāṇa was composed before 400 BCE. That is, >2500 years ago. In this great and enormous Purana, there are some details that may interest you. In the chapter on Bhārata, there are some interesting observations.
This is an exhaustive description of the land called Bhārata Varsha in those days. [Varsha could mean a continent].
1. Nine divisions by Sea:
भारतस्यास्य वर्षस्य नव भेदान्निबोधत
समुद्रान्तरिता ज्ञेयाः ते त्वगम्याः परस्परम् । १.१५.८। ।
Know that the Varsha called Bhārata is divided into nine parts. They are all surrounded by the ocean and difficult to go from one to another.
These nine “islands” of the Varsha or continent called Bhārata are: Sri Lanka, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Maldives, Japan, Brunei Darussalem, East Timor and Taiwan.
The different races of the north western parts of…

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