Sri Krishna Devaraya- Great last South Indian king- history forgot him…but remembers Terrorist Tipu Sultan

Sri Krishna Devaraya

My state Karnataka celebrates the birth Anniversary of a monster like Tippu Sultan but today is birth anniversary of greatest king of medieval history Sri Krishna Devaraya and there is no celebration either in Telugu states or in Karnataka where his capital Hampi is located
Sri Krishna Devaraya was last hindu emperor of the south and he was a versatile genius
His greatness can’t be covered in this mere facebook post. It needs a big history book
He was such a great warrior that Babur said I learnt war from him
His kingdom was richest in the world
His capital Hampi was biggest city of the world
He made Bahamani sultan kiss his feet
He built so many canals and irrigation systems that most of the ponds canals that exist in south are from his era
They sold diamonds and gold on streets and they say there was no trader who didn’t get rich without trading with Vijayanagar
He was the one who made Tirupathi such a great temple and it is still the worlds richest temple and you can see the statue of king and wives in the temple
But his greatest achievement was in the field of literature

He authored great classics in Sanskrit & Telugu. His book Amukta Malyada is one of the greatest classic in India and even great scholars can’t understand the language and hence the version we read is an interpretation written later
My father used to tell that if you understand even one page of Amukta Malyada without help of dictionary or interpretation then you are a Telugu and Sanskrit genius
I couldn’t achieve that genius in my mother tongue and I hope at least I can give such education to my daughter

Srikrishna Devaraya patronised Sanskrit Telugu Kannada & Tamil
He was a poet author musician patron of arts and a great warrior & military genius
His court had Asta Diggajas (8 literary gaints) of Telugu literature
They are Allasani Peddana, Dhurjati, Nandi Thimmana, Madayyagari Mallana and Ayyalaraju Ramabhadrudu Tenali Ramakrishna & Ramarajabhushanudu
To be considered as one of the diggaja (giant) who have to author at least one Prabandha Kavyamu
Prabandha means highest form of poetic literature
It should have Salli (style) Paka (mould or taste) rasa (aesthetics) and Alankara (ornamentation)

After that golden age of literature nobody has written any such classics in south India
But in KrishnaDeva Raya court there were 8 such poets. Imagine the culture and zenith of civilisation south India had reached in 16th century before Babar the b@that Ian touched this holy land

Since Krishnna Devaraya was such a genius and patron of arts, his conversations with Tenali Ramakrishna one of 8 great poets but with lot of wit and humour is such legendary stuff
This witticism was captured in Deccan in every language and some Deccan poets of Bahmani sultans went to delhi after m0ghals captured south and took these stories and made them into Akbar Birbal stories

Akbar was an illiterate and a deb0uch opium addict and s£z maniac
He could never have had such wit and humour
If you still believe he was such witty person it shows how our education has brainwashed us into believing that m0ghal barb@rians were such civilised folk
And also made us to forgot the great hindu kings we had in India 🇮🇳

Yeah I don’t blame anyone for it but Bollywood and our education which has perpetuated such myths.

Credits Vishnu Vardhan

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