HistoryFacts : “The Tiger of Sundarban”.

HistoryFacts : “The Tiger of Sundarban”

The following chapter hasbeen taken from the historical accounts of :
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● In 1294 CE, the Nawab of #DelhiSultanate Jalal-ud-din-Firuz Khilji of the invading Turkic #KhiljiDynasty ordered his commander Zafar Khan Ghazi to capture Sundarban. Zafar Khan Ghazi along with his son Bara Khan Ghazi invaded Bengal, captured some territory neighbouring #Sundarban & started mass killings & forced conversions of the native population. When the invading Turk forces reached Shaktigarh, Maharaja Dakshin Ray of Bhati Bengal Kingdom defeated them in the Battle of Khaniya. In the ensuing battle, Zafar Khan Ghazi was beheaded by the Bengal-Chakma Army & Bara Khan Ghazi was made a prisoner.
Now, Zafar Khan Ghazi & his son Bara Khan Ghazi are referred to as Martyrs of Islam. Bara Khan Ghazi got the title ‘Shaheed Barkhan Gaji Shaheb’ & Zafar Khan Ghazi’s tomb still exist on the ruins of a Vishnu Temple in Tribeni, #WestBengal, India. Whereas, Maharaja Dakshin Ray’s legacy hasbeen erased from the history books of the Indian Subcontinent. However, still few small temples of Sundarban in India & Bangladesh have preserved Dakshin Ray’s statue as a sacred deity.

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